George Knaus, 1928-2015, is the Anchor Artist of our Gallery. A dedicated jazz musician and an art student during the fifties , abstract expressionism strongly influenced his realistic studies of ordinary objects and people involved in daily life.  He loved his wine.

Lisa Knaus is a potter whose first teacher was her father(George). "I love form, color and composition.What else is there? Oh yeah, Math"

Beth Bolgla is a potter living in Brooklyn, NY. Her vibrant paintings fluently influence her pottery surfaces ."So much of making art for me is about creating a rhythm where every so often some neat ideas can attempt to become realized."

Chantelle Norton is a painter focusing on animals, nature, and pattern. She has discovered the rich surface of ceramic tile and explores painting, portraiture, and pattern through this enduring and age-old medium. She attempts to capture the emotional hold landscape and our animals have with us.

Anca Nelson is an artist living in Highland . Her work explores Romanian folk motifs traditionally used in both woven textiles and decorative woodwork.

Ada Pilar Cruz is an artist living in Peekskill, NY. She explores many materials, but comes back to clay:"Sculpting the human form is a powerful way of invoking raw sentiments.  What my figures ultimately project and express evolves as I work, but each piece gives tangible form to my need to cope with and share seemingly incoherent thoughts and feelings."

Chris London is a Ceramic Artist living in Hartford, CT. Her work is remarkable for its spiritual exploration combined with a unique sense of humor and an affectionate nod to pop culture.